This one thing dictates your whole life: how you perceive yourself and others, the world, and what you get out of life.

The thing about attitude is a lot of people spend their lives not realizing just how important it is, or what it even is. When we cannot see attitude for what it is, something in our control that can make or break us, more often than not… it’ll break us. So let’s take a look at what attitude really is, that way you can master yours and reap the benefits.

Your attitude is the combination of three things: your thoughts, feelings, and actions.

.    .    .

First up, thoughts.

I spent most of my life thinking I can’t control my thoughts– that they are what they are, and that’s that, good or bad. Little did I know, I have a lot more control over my thoughts than I thought (haha, how many times can I say thought?) andddd so do you. 

In PrimeMinds, we paint a picture of your subconscious mind as a “waterslide”. We go into this a lot more in our program, but basically the idea is that your subconscious mind, your waterslide, has thousands of thoughts and ideas sliding down it every single day… and it doesn’t have any filter. There’s no lifeguard at the top of your slide telling some thoughts to stop and some to go, it’s all just go go go GO.

As you can imagine and as you might have experienced, things can get pretty chaotic because of that, and worse, pretty negative. That’s what happens when a bunch of not-so-helpful thoughts slide on down your waterslide. So here’s where the control part comes in: your conscious mind has the power to accept, reject, or ignore ANY thought or idea that flows into your consciousness. 

Do you see where I’m going with this? You have the power to choose which thoughts you will accept. Being in control of your attitude means first being conscious of your thoughts, and second, choosing the ones you will accept. This might sound impossible. It’s not. It is a process, one that we dedicate lots of time and a lot more explanation to in PrimeMinds.

Remember: any idea that you accept and repeat makes an impact on your feelings, and therefore, your attitude.

.    .    .

That brings us to the next component of attitude, feelings.

Whatever thoughts and ideas we’re letting down our waterslide and into our minds fuels different feelings. Good idea, good feeling, right? Bad idea, bad feeling. 

The negative thoughts that enter your subconscious mind can look a lot different for everyone, but they’re all based on the paradigms we’ve learned over the years. 

When we become aware of these paradigms, we can change them, and therefore limit the negative feelings that come with them.

Less negative thoughts and feelings = a better, more positive overall attitude.

.    .    .

The third and final component of attitude is actions.

Your body is the instrument of your mind. It’s the only way for your mind to express itself– your body is its medium to do so. So it only makes sense that your thoughts and feelings work together to dictate your actions.

Your actions, in working in direct response to your thoughts and feelings, display to the world what your attitude is.

.    .    .

So what’s the effect and what’s at stake?

Your environment is a reflection of your attitude, not the other way around. Your attitude carries energy, and the energy you give (your attitude) is also what you receive. If you don’t like what you’re receiving, it’s time to change your attitude.

I have a friend who’s stuck in a job she despises. When I suggest she looks for a new job, she says things like: “Nobody will hire me”

“Nowhere will offer me enough money”

“I don’t have enough experience to do what I really want”

This is self-sabotage. If and when my friend flips her attitude to be more positive, to say things like “I am going to land a job I’m proud of” instead of all that other stuff, she will get more positive results; she’ll see the shift in her environment. But it has to start with believing in and fully taking on a new attitude. 

.    .    .

Shift your attitude, shift your life

Your attitude goes hand in hand with whatever results you’re getting. Here’s an example that may seem pretty obvious: if two salespeople are selling the same product, and one is upbeat and positive and the other is snarky and rude, who will you choose to buy the product from? Even if the snarky person offered a far better service or product than the positive one, you’re still more likely to go with the person with a positive attitude.

Think of how this applies to your own life: I’m sure you can remember a time when you had a bad attitude about something and in turn got a negative outcome. On the same token, think of a time when you felt really positive about something and really confident it would go well. It went well, right?

When you take control of your attitude, you’ll stop thinking everything is happening to you, and you’ll start seeing everything happening for you

Ann Brashares once said: “Your problem isn’t the problem, it’s your attitude about the problem.”

Remember: what you put out there reflects right back to you. Choose to master your attitude and reflect the good, for yourself and for everyone around you!

We know this can be challenging, so we’re here to help.

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