I’m gonna say something weird: the universe is here for you. It wants you to get what you want; it wants you to have abundance. 

But in order for it to do its fancy schmancy universal magic — we gotta do our part. By following the Universal Laws, we can make sure the universe gives us what we want.

We have the power to shape our lives exactly how we want them: if only we focus on THOSE things and that vision.

In other words, creating your best life starts with creating the perfect image of it in your head.

Too many people dwell on their current circumstances instead of envisioning their ideal life — and that’s what keeps them in those less than ideal circumstances. Here’s the secret: think about what you want… constantly. Be grateful for what you currently have, but also be grateful for your future. Be grateful for the life you KNOW you’re going to live once your ideal vision becomes a reality.

. . .

If you’re ready to start creating the life that you truly want, here’s what you gotta do to get started.

Close your eyes. Picture what your life would look like if you had everything you wanted.

What are those things?
What career are you in?
What does your home look like?

Write it all down. Write about your ideal relationships, the amount of money you’re making, what you do for fun on the weekends. List everything.

Once you make this list, remind yourself of it every chance you get. Read it every morning and every night before going to bed — look at it throughout the day and make sure these things, this future reality, is constantly on your mind. As you do this, you’ll naturally start doing things that move you toward all those beautiful things you want. 

Remember: we are what we think about. 

So think about the things you want — don’t get caught up in what you DON’T want. 

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